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Breweries that allow dogs inside in Minneapolis | St. Paul




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Don’t let your dog spend another Friday night alone, leaving him lonely and hurt when you come home smelling like beer and fun. Include puppers in all the shenanigans, from live music and game nights to trivia and making new friends. There’s no shortage of dog-friendly breweries that would love to serve you and your brewski bud. Because pups are allowed inside and out, you can spend all year making the rounds and narrowing down your faves!

56 Brewing


Dog says there’s nothing to do? Rubbish. With live music, theme nights, food trucks, trivia, open mic nights, heck even pop-up rollerskating events, there’s always something cool for you and pup to partake in at 56 Brewing.


Back Channel Brewing

Spring Park

Back Channel Brewing celebrates the first week of any IPA on tap with the option to drink it out of a bowl. There’s a backstory, and something to do with aromatics and a sensory explosion of the whole experience, but all we know is dogs have been doing it all along. Humans are finally catching on! 


Bad Weather Brewing

Saint Paul

Good vibes, great service, and a rotating selection of brews from traditional lagers to sour ales keep the crowds coming back to Bad Weather Brewing. In any weather, your well-behaved pup is welcome on the patio and inside the taproom.


Bauhaus Brew Labs


At Bauhaus Brew Labs, they take a unique look at classic German-inspired beer styles, skewed slightly by a sense of play and adventure. Sound like somepuppy you know? Plus this spacious taproom has plenty of room for Sparky to stretch out. 


Bent Brewstillery


A highest-quality brew is meant to be enjoyed slowly, not guzzled like that time your dog invaded the gravy bowl at Thanksgiving. Sip and truly savor the finest spirits and beers at Bent Brewstillery. Maybe your dog will learn a thing or two. 


Boom Island Brewing


Boom Island Brewing goes above and beyond to ensure dogs feel welcome, including hosting special dog-themed nights (with treats!) and adoption events. Formerly in Minneapolis, this dog loving establishment now calls Lake Minnetonka home.


Broken Clock Brewing


Broken Clock Brewing is 100% member owned, and even if you’re not one, you still benefit! This cooperative creates high-quality experiences and beer through collaboration within the community, and we think that’s pretty heckin’ great.  


Forgotten Star Brewing Co.


If the backyard is pup’s favorite place to play, Forgotten Star Brewing will blow her mind. She’s welcome inside but she’ll be beggin’ for the large outdoor space where you’ll find outdoor movie nights, yoga, night markets, game nights, curling and bocce ball leagues, and more!


HeadFlyer Brewing


No matter the season, HeadFlyer Brewing is bringing their cozy A-game. Enjoy a classic American craft beer in front of the toasty fireplace, or stretch out on the patio with a summer slushie to beat the heat. Either way your pup’ll just be glad she’s with you. 


Inbound BrewCo


No one goes thirsty at Inbound BrewCo. Humans choose from one of 30 craft beer tap lines, rotating seltzers, seasonal slushies, THC sparkling water, or Terpene Hop Teas. Dogs get, well, a water bowl from behind the bar. It’s fine, that other stuff’s no good for them anyway! 


Insight Brewing


Sun’s out, tongues out… but pup’ll pant less on Insight Brewing’s shaded patio. Still too hot? Ask for a water bowl, cool off inside the taproom, and give your bartender those puppy dog eyes and your furry friend may just get a treat! 


Lakes & Legends Brewing Company


As one of the initial breweries that fought to legalize dogs inside establishments, the good folks at Lakes & Legends are big fans of the four-legged type. So it goes without saying that they’re welcome inside and out at this cozy Northern-style brewery. 


Lake Monster Brewing

Saint Paul

Like the mysterious world of lake monsters, these guys are always exploring for beers unknown and extraordinary. For a twist on the craft beer flavors you already love, rely on Lake Monster Brewing to create unique versions of classic beer styles. 


Luce Line Brewing


Follow your nose to the pizza paradise that is Luce Line Brewing. Paired perfectly with a beer, Luce Line is your relaxed summer patio destination. The patio has heaters for the winter which is nice cuz while dogs are allowed inside, dog-friendly seating is limited. 


Lupulin Brewing

Big Lake

The best ideas (and bands) start in the garage, right? A couple of guys dreaming big took their garage brewing venture and turned it into a hugely successful business. But no matter how large Lupulin grows, the same care and craft spirit remains.

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