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Category: Outdoor Adventures

Dec 18
80+ Dog-Friendly Things to Do in Minnesota

Minnesota is a Very Dog-Friendly Place When it comes to spending time with your pup, Minnesota is full of dog-friendly places. Our Newfie, Ole, comes with us on so many adventures and as long as he is well-behaved there are a plethora of businesses that welcome him! From lakes and parks to breweries, malls, and […]

Dec 18
Best Twin Cities Winter Walking Trails

It’s easy to want to press snooze on the whole winter season and hibernate inside where everything’s warm and cozy. Thank goodness you have a dog to save you from such bad decisions, dragging you outside to enjoy this magical time of year. Sure there’s gonna be some days ahead when a quick squat in […]

Nov 15
Minnesota Dog-Friendly Christmas Tree Farms

Holiday magic for dogs is simple… start with a pine-scented adventure through acres of fresh trees, then take one home and surround it with loads of gifts containing treats and toys. Done! We’ve got plenty of options for Alfie-approved Christmas tree farms that welcome Santa’s furry helpers. Most (if not all) require leashes, and most […]

Oct 02
Minnesota Dog-Friendly Pumpkin Patches

As much as Minnesotans complain about cold winters, we sure do love when summer gives way to cooler autumn days. We happily bust out the sweaters, cover our homes in fall decor, and pile into the car for leaf-peeping drives. But perhaps the most exciting part of the season is visiting a pumpkin patch, so […]

Jul 04
Dog-Friendly Beaches near Minneapolis | St. Paul

Does the site of open water glistening in the sun make your pup wiggle and waggle? While many local beaches have a strict no-dog policy (boooo) we found a few locations where your water woofer can get their paws wet. Check out these Twin Cities beaches that say “pup yeah!” to doggy paddlers.  Alimagnet Dog […]